800 945 2000 Who Called Me?

800-945-2000 Is Not Safe (High Risk): Report Number

Reputation: Negative Read Reports

Owner: Chase MasterCard

This is the official phone number of Chase MasterCard but, scammers are using spoofing techniques to make calls from 800-945-2000 number. You should never share your personal details especially your credit card details with this phone number.
This caller claim to be offical of Chase bank, and is asking for credit card information so don’t provide any personal or sensitive informtion to this (800-945-2000) phone number. This phone number [8009452000]has been reported as a spammer by our reviewers.

  • Louisville, KY
  • Chase MasterCard
  • 40201
    Zip Code

  • 800
    Area Code

General Information About Spoofed Caller: 800-945-2000
  • Provider: Unknown
  • Usage: Landline Number
  • Country: United States
  • Location: Multiple Locations
  • Type: Toll Free
  • Prefix: 800
Our Expert’s Review For (+1 800 945 2000)

Reviewed by: Gallana G (Codemycountry.com Reviewer)

We have found this phone number on the official Chase MasterCard website and after contacting Chase, we have been told that this phone number belongs to Chase MasterCard department for customer support.

Does Chase call you?

Yes, the chase may call you for promotional purposes only but, they do not ask for any personal information. If someone asks for any personal details, you should hang up and should report the phone number immediately.

How to block 800 945 2000 Phone number?

You can contact Chase and may ask for unsubscribing from their services. You can also block this number by using anti-spam apps available in app stores.

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You have truly provided a piece of good information on this phone number.


I have reported this phone number several times but, this phone number is making my life hell. I have blocked this number but, whenever I check my phone the notification of {800-945-2000 got blocked} made my head crazy. Is there any way I can block this number and not get a notification on my phone.

Gallana G (Reviewer)

Whenever you receive a phone call from the blocked phone number you will be notified. If you have a problem with these notifications then you can simply disallow the anti-spam app to show notifications. If you are using android phone then, you can go to settings > notification and status bar >app notifications and select the anti-spam app you are using to block phone numbers > Select show notifications and turn it off.