Where Is Area Code 858

  • California
    858 Area State
  • San Diego
    858 Major City

    858 Area Country

  • Time Zone: PACIFIC
    01:43 am Monday, April 22, 2024

858 Area Code Belongs To California, San Diego

858 Area Code belongs to United States state of California. Largest city covered by 858 area code is San Diego and covers all these other major cities of California state,

Del Mar, La Jolla, Poway, Solana Beach. All Cities | Map 858 Area Code.

  • In 1999, area code 858 was put in to service, created from split of area code 619.

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    List Of All Cities Covered By 858 Area Code

    City Area Code
    Del Mar 858
    La Jolla 858
    Poway 858
    Solana Beach 858