Calling UK From US & Canada

This guide will help you dial UK phone number from US and Canada. By fallowing these steps and you will be connected to UK mobile number.

Step 1: You will need to enter exit code or international direct dialing code of USA or Canada which is 011.
Step 2: Next dial country code of UK which is 44.
Step 3: This step is for landline telephones only. Enter united kingdom area code (Find area codes of UK here) For example, London area code which is 20.
Step 4: Last step is to enter the local phone number of Uk which might be 4 to 8 digits long.

Fallow this dial pad example.


Dial: 011 44 20 000 0000

The above example best works for landline telephones and for smartphones you can simply enter + sign and 44 country code.

For 10 digit mobile phone numbers you should enter exit code 011 if + sign does not work. After exit code enter country code 44 and finally enter mobile number. Your service provider will charge you as per their international calling rates so please contact your service provider for information regarding calling rates for dialing united kingdom phone number.