Countries That Start With I

Countries That Start With A-Z

This list will show you all information about the countries that start with letter “I”.

Iceland 354 IS / ISL
India 91 IN / IND
Indonesia 62 ID / IDN
Iran 98 IR / IRN
Iraq 964 IQ / IRQ
Ireland 353 IE / IRL
Isle of Man 44-1624 IM / IMN
Israel 972 IL / ISR
Italy 39 IT / ITA
Ivory Coast 225 CI / CIV

If you want to find information about country INDIA (this country name starts with letter I) then click on the link and you will find its country code +91, iso code 2 which is IN, Exit code with is 00, current date and time of country (that begin with letter I) example INDIA. You can also search for the country if you are not able to locate that country, for example if you need to search country INDIA then type in search INDIA or country code +91 and you are done.