Dominica Country Code +1 767

How To Call Dominica


You Should Dial:


Dominica country code is 1 767 and country two digit ISO code is DM. Country code 1 767 of Dominica is used to dial it from another country. To dial it correctly fallow these steps. Step 1: Enter exit code 00, United States and Canada does not need exit code for Dominica country. Step 2: Enter Country code of Dominica which is 1 767 . Step 3: Enter local number of Dominica and you are done.

HOW TO DIAL Dominica FROM United States

Dial: 1 767 -000-0000

  • +1 767
    Dominica Calling Code
  • DM
    2 Digit ISO

  • Local Time Dominica
    07:44:54 am Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Dominica does not use any area codes. Tool free number area code for Dominica is 855 so to dial it from your mobile from another country you should dial it like this. Example: From India – 00 1 767 855 000000