Marshall Islands Country Code +692

Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands country code 692 is used to dial local phone number of Marshall Islands from another country. To dial it from your country you need to fallow these steps. Step 1: Enter exit code or IDD (might be 00 or 011) you can find exit code of you country in our country lookup tool. Step 2: After exit code enter country code of Marshall Islands which is 692 and finally enter Marshall Islands city area code (if needed) along with local phone number. List of area codes for Marshall Islands here.


Dial: 011 692 -000-0000

How To Call Marshall Islands From Your Country


You Should Dial:

  • +692
    Marshall Islands Calling Code
  • MH
    2 Digit ISO

  • MHL
    3 Digit ISO

  • Local Time Marshall Islands
    02:42:21 pm Tuesday, April 23, 2024
  • Pacific

  • Majuro
    Capital city

  • Dollar (USD)

List of area Codes for Marshall Islands cities. Marshall Islands Country Code +692 have none city area codes.

How To call Marshall Islands?

You should enter IDD or exit code of your country which might be 00 or 011 and then enter country code for Marshall Islands which is 692 and then another enter Marshall Islands city area code and finally enter local phone number of Marshall Islands. Marshall Islands have different area codes so check above list and you are done.

What is IDD Of Marshall Islands?

IDD or exit code of Marshall Islands is 00 and is used to dial another country inside Marshall Islands. If you are inside Marshall Islands then you do not need to dial country code or international direct dialing number for calling local number.

How to dial Marshall Islands area codes?

Marshall Islands Country Code 692 covered different area codes and these Area codes are used after you enter country code 692 to dial a city number of Marshall Islands.