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Chase Bank Card

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Culebra, Tx, United States
Caller: 2105206400 claims to be from Chase Bank Card Services and the caller’s location is Culebra, Tx, United States.
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Scam call


This phone number does not belongs to Chase bank as i already contacted the bank and they told me any one can claim but we should be aware about spoof calls and never share details with anyone. Scammers already want to pray on the financial branches


Guys, Be wary of spoof calls; I’m not sure if this phone number is associated with Chase Bank or not, but when I received a call from it, my true caller app identified it as a “Chase Bank Card,” and since I don’t already have an account with the bank, I chose to answer. I gave my name to a man who hurriedly informed me that I needed to give him some information because my account had been inactive. He hung up after I explicitly stated that I have no bank accounts with Chase Bank.