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Caller 206-453-2329 claims to be Amazon delivery driver and is registered in Seattle, United States. Please let us know if you have got a call from this number and whether it was a legitimate call from Amazon or a spammer. According to reports, some consumers have reported receiving spoof calls.
Reports connect phone number 2064532329 to a Brushing Scam. In this consumer fraud, a deceitful seller sends a product to a consumer without their approval and then fabricates fake customer reviews to increase sales.

The scammer uses the consumer’s name and address to establish a fake account and leaves positive reviews for the product, giving the appearance that the consumer is a verified buyer. This tactic inflates the product’s ratings and misleads others into thinking it is more popular than it actually is.

This type of scam can be harmful to both consumers and legitimate businesses. Consumers may be charged for the unsolicited product and may also be at risk of identity theft if their personal information is used to create a fake account.

Legitimate businesses may also be affected by the fake reviews, as they can skew the ratings and make it difficult for consumers to trust the accuracy of online reviews.

It’s important to be aware of this scam, and if you think you are a victim of a brushing scam, you should contact the seller and the online marketplace where the purchase was made to report the issue.

Additionally, you should also be vigilant of your personal information and check your credit report regularly to ensure that it has not been compromised.

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Received a call @ 9:24 am 1/16/24 from this # 1-206-453-2329. No vm left, blocked this #.


This is legit. I had a call from this number, and then received a text from the Amazon driver because my package was damaged. She was actually already at my house, and I met her at the door.

Cooper Gregory

I just received a call from “amazon delivery” phone number(206)453-2329 asking for my address and requesting i make sure my dog was secure so they could leave the package. I do not have an amazon account! Told him to deliver the package to the address on the box and I don’t have a dog. Scam!!!


this is real they just called my access code wasn’t working 1 min after they called my Amazon account confirmed a delivery with a photo


Real Amazon caller – not fake


I received a call from this number claiming to have a COD package for me from Amazon. The caller said someone came to the door and could sign for it. NO ONE WAS HOME! After reviewing my video footage, there was NO driver attempting to deliver a package, COD or not.



Not a scam. Amazon called as they were delivering a really heavy weight item.


Not a scam! Real Amazon driver! I got a call and didn’t answer and about 10 minutes later a package that I ordered and was waiting for was delivered! They usually don’t call but this was later in the evening and a gated community where they needed access code. People are too quick to jump to conclusions these days!


Why Even Call? Drop off the package on the porch/by the mailbox like everyone else does. No one this day and age answers a phone specifically because of reasons like these below anyways..


Received 3 calls at 5:15am no answer when picked up nothing. I have a scheduled delivery between 7-11 not 5.00. The call woke me from a dead sleep, woke the baby up and dogs, gave me anxiety and now I can’t go back to sleep. If this is Amazon please respect people’s sleeping times especially if there’s a requested delivery time on the order.


I’m a flex Amazon Driver and this is number that shows up when we call. I usually call because I can’t get access. People, if you know you’re getting a delivery, make sure the driver could access the location.


Real Amazon Driver


Not a complaint. It was a legit delivery.


Received 5 calls in 2 minutes, left no VM. Suspect scam #.

Amy J

Pretty sure this was a scam call – a lady said she had my order at the mail room, but a) I didn’t order anything from Amazon and b) she wasn’t at the mailroom. Not sure what the point of that scam would be but, who knows.

Juan Xi

I assumed this was a scam. First, I got a text message asking for my address. Then a call. I hung up. Another text asked for my address, so I just said, “UPS Store.” Moments later, my legit order was delivered. The caller sounded foreign so I assumed it was a scam. It was not.


This is a brushing scam; I received a call from (206) 453-2329 while there was no order currently being processed. The caller offered me a free product to try out and requested my shipping address.


+1 (206) 453-2329 This is a scam; there is no pending order with Amazon.


Repeated calls from this number, but whenever I pick them up, nobody is there to speak and they never leave a voice message. I have an order with Amazon which is in process, so I can’t say whether this is a scam or legitimate, but we should exercise cautious anyway.


It appears to be a legitimate Amazon delivery, and indeed, I already missed the package.


Not safe, i have found this phone number is used by Fake Amazon Sellers


Delivering safely, we are unable to call each other on personal numbers. Amazon cares about my privacy


Spoof call, trying to get my home address


I received a call from this number and the caller pretended to be from a debt collection agency, I believe it to be a spoof call and it does not belong to Amazon.


Yes, this is an Amazon driver, and I’ve been to this page several times because I felt suspicious when I received a call from this number. I searched online and discovered numerous complaints about spoof calls, but after receiving my package, I was sure that it was an Amzon driver.


I’ve been called five times by this number, but every time I try to call it back, it’s unreachable.


This is Amazon Driver and i have white listed the phone number in my contacts list.


Today I got a call from this number, but the caller didn’t say he was from Amazon; instead, he said he was with an auto insurance company and that I needed to renew my car insurance . He hung up the phone when I said no, and I later discovered it was an Amazon driver, meaning it was just a temporary number that anyone could use by spoof software.


I received a call from this number asking me to open my door they had a pkg for me. I told them to leave it on the porch. Looked out peephole saw no one or a vehicle. Contacted police, they came out immediately. No pkg on porch. Plus I called Amazon and they stated I had no deliveries. I think it’s a scam. Not to mention it was almost 9pm.


H, i am amazon driver and when ever we have to call any customer, we have to call through a random virtual number which is associated with the parcel so neither i and nor customer can find personal numbers so amazon is making great efforts to protect customer privacy.




Amazon Driver, i am going to get the parcel


Received call from someone pretends to be from fedex and they want me to click a link sent via text so for me this is scam


Amazon Driver


This is amazon driver and they call me for scheduled delivery