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Facebook Advertising Team

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Palo Alto, Ca, United States
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Sounded like a Meta team pro adviser
(My caller ID even said “Facebook Ads”)

They knew my name, phone number, and Meta account name. Asked if I needed any support or help improving the ads account.
(this all sounded legit)

When they asked me to confirm my email, I started getting suspicious
(they should already have this info)

I asked what they had on file
That’s when they started to back track

By this time, I knew it was a scam and I shut them down

The important take-away here:
Platforms like Meta and Google are targets for scams like this where malicious companies triangulate a phone number based on social media and other details, then attempt to capture more info (including ad account info, etc). It’s important to never give any info over the phone and always beware anytime a cold call comes in from any ‘service provider’.


some shithead who said his name was AI called, and when i asked what department he was from he just kept repeating “facebook meta” and then hung up.




This phone number 6503341898 is scam and we need to be careful


Never provide any details they trick to get the information about your Facebook account and they target facebook ads as a tool to get the credit card details.


This phone number is scam and they want to hack my Facebook account.


Scam in the name of Facebook


I signed up for Facebook ads for page promotion last year. After a month, I received a bill that went unpaid. Recently, I received a call from this number, but I didn’t answer it because I thought Facebook was calling to collect the bill. I hope it’s a scam.


Received call from this number and claimed to from Facebook meta debt collection and told me to pay usd 230