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Received message that a Payment of $19.24 at Buybestdevice was declined because my card was locked. I have no Idea who or what that company is , or how they got my card info


Three different people were scammed today (7/20/2023) by using this phone number. They thought they were contacting CashApp customer service after they received a message earlier that their account was locked because of suspected tampering. When they called the number they were sent a link to open for assistance and asked for their phone number. The next thing they knew, money was taken from their account totaling over $1000.00 between the three of them, and they were unable to reach the scammers on the number.


Had me send $20.00 in cashapp to,get food for her kid that was starving


Don’t know this number


Keeps saying I spent money at certain stores from CashApp


Recived text from this number with a link, requesting money


Recived text from this number with a link, requesting money


Text received by my friend and it says Kimera requested $25 for his medicines so click the link to send money. I do not have cash app and i do not want to send money to anyone.


Cash app cam


This number is linked to cashapp scam, i have received text from this number with cashapp link, i do not have cashapp so if you do have never click the link.