8555992025 – Package Delivery Scam Complaints

8555992025 phone number has high spam complaints. This phone number is connected to a fake delivery text scam, so scammers are tricking victims by sending them fake USPS text messages in order to commit fraud. Some victims claim to have received fake USPS tracking numbers like “us9514961195221” with a link to a fake USPS website. Therefore, be cautious and avoid clicking any links if you have received such a text from this number because they might be malware-infected.


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This is pure scam and every one is talking about this but i believe lot of people become get trapped and lose money.


8555992025 phone number belongs to scammers sending fake delivery text


this is 3th text from this number and this time they send a link to the official website of FedEx i think they forgot to copy paste spamy link,


This is scam and I tried to search the phone number in reverse lookup tools and found nothing.

Mark Hen

I have received text from this phone number and I have clicked the link so i do not thin the intention of the scammer is to infect our devices but they are trying to steal our personal information. when i clicked the link, i found a well designed website similar to official USPS website and there i found some form fields where i have to enter my name and address. So entered fake name and address and clicked next and it got redirected to a payment page where i have to enter my credit card details. So scammers are trying to trick us to enter credit card details so that they can steal money from our accounts.