Phone Number: 18889346489

Comcast Xfinity
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107 19%
Spam Reports
Philadelphia, PA
3 User Complaints
494 Complaints to the FTC
⚠️ Caller: 1 888-934-6489 claims to be Comcast Xfinity. The caller’s location is (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States)
3 User Complaints
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I can’t type what I really want to say or I’d be in trouble. I’m super careful about the spoofing etc and before I knew it, I called back or they did while I was on the line with them. Now I’m out 400 and will probably get disconnected. I’m a veteran with little income and they took me for 4. Something has to be done.

Jeff S

Constant spam over several hours and several days


It is important to be cautious when receiving a call from someone claiming to be from Comcast (or any company) and asking for personal information.

While Comcast may need to verify certain information in order to assist you with your account, they will typically not ask for sensitive information such as your social security number or bank account information over the phone.

If you are unsure about the validity of the call, you can hang up and call Comcast back at a number you know is legitimate to verify the identity of the caller.

When calling back, you should not use the number that the caller provided, instead you should use the official customer service number of the company which can be found on their website, bill statement or through a quick google search.