📞 Phone Number: 3152328257

Apple Support Scam
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1107 14%
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Adams, NY
7 User Complaints
15068 Complaints to the FTC
⚠️ Caller: 3152328257 claims to be Apple Support. The caller’s location is (Adams, Ny, United States)
7 User Complaints
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In an automatic voice message pretends to be from apple support and claim my Apple account is breached. Provided call back number which is same 3152328257.


Called me right now, robocall with computerized voice message about my Apple account. Just logged in to my account and found someone has tried to login my account from Indian ip address

Cus T

Scammers claim they are from Apple and they promise to get the account hacked and looking for credit card which i have saved in my Apple account and which i am using to purchase credits and products.


Apple scammers they knew my name and only they need is my password.


Apple scam


15 calls from this number and counting, I think they are calling wrong number. I have android phone and never used iPhone ever and does not have Apple account.


Guys this phone number is totally scam and they are willing to get Apple account information. They claim that my apple account being compromised and they need to fix the vulnerability immediately. If this is really Apple then they have to fix the vulnerability and if they are scammers then they doing their job we can only block the phone number.