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Phone number (8656696225537) is unknown and has been marked as spam caller. The phone number in question has received negative reviews and has been linked to scams involving Amazon Prime, signing legal documents, and harassing calls. This number has been linked to a harassment calls, report from one of our users here. Read comments left by callers who have received calls from this number.


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This is what chat bot has to say about this phone number.

“I’m sorry, I do not have access to current information on the ownership of specific phone numbers. The number you provided appears to be an invalid phone number format.
To determine the ownership of a specific phone number, you can perform a reverse phone lookup using an online service or an app. These services can often provide information such as the name and address of the person or business associated with the number, as well as other details such as previous owners or associated phone numbers. It is important to note that not all phone numbers can be found through these services and some may require a fee.
It’s also important to keep in mind that some phone numbers are private and not publicly listed, which means that it might not be possible to find information on the owner.”


Phone number 8656696225537 is scam and it is owned by scammers


Repeatedly calling me and talking some nonsense i think it is prank call. This caller is very happy as he laughs a lot and never responds to my questions. I told him who is calling he onl says hello and laughs. Blocked the number


Calls repeatedly but silent


They called me today and a lady with beautiful voice told me that my cashapp account is going to suspended as there is suspicious activity detected by cashapp team. I told her what they need she quickly replied and told me to provide OTP which i will receive and ended the call. I d not have cashapp account and i do not want to part of this scam.


Today I received a call instructing me to send a scanned copy of some documents, and when I asked who it was, they informed me that it was the police. I sent nothing, but I later received a call from another number asking me to send the requested documents right away. I believe this to be a phishing and harassing call.


I received call from this number and the caller id is unknown so it means no one can locate and trace this number. first time so long coded phone number called me


They called me and asked for personal details, this is scam and they did not mentioned any name or company name.


This phone number is owned by scammers and they use lot of tactics to spam people. they called me 10 times and every time they told me to provide personal details and they pretends to be police.


I answered this unknown phone number with some strange language “nameee hell nameee”.


Received call from this number and it is silent and sometimes the person laughs and it looks like someone has called me accidently.