Where is Area Code 855

Area Code Lookup For: 855 Area Code Report Number

Type: Toll Free Number Read Reports

Location: U.S. and Canada

Other toll free prefixes: 800, 888, 877, 833, 844, 855, 866

You many also like to read about 855 Cambodia country code.

855 area code is not real area code for phone numbers, it is prefix for a toll-free numbers, they work same as 800 toll free numbers do . There is not location assocated with 855 area code, so any one from anywere can subscribe for 855 tool free number.

  • U.S. and Canada
  • Toll Free
  • None
    Zip Code

  • 855

Questions And Answers About 855 Area Code
Which country has 855 country code?
855 country code belongs to Cambodia country. If you have received a call and phone number begins with 855 code then the phone number belongs to Cambodia country. Please note that 855 prefix toll-free numbers are the ten-digit phone number and they look like this: 855-000-0000.
Who is calling me from area code 855?
855 is not a real area code, it is the prefix for toll-free numbers used by people or businesses across the world. 855 is also a country dialing code of Cambodia country, so you may have also received a call from this country. Please note that scammers are also using this phone code for stealing your personal information especially your financial info such as credit card details.
Do 855 numbers cost money?
No, 855 numbers are toll free numbers, so you will not be charged by your telecom company for call these toll free numbers.
What area code is 855 in the United States??
855 area code is not assigned to any location in the United States. You might have heard about 800 toll free number, so 855 numbers works same as 800 numbers.

34 thoughts on “Where is Area Code 855”

  1. just here to help!

    All numbers with 855 are related to resent scams.
    try to hang up without it going to voicemail or you verbally answering and the computer that is calling will drop your number as a non valid number.

  2. Today I got 5 different calls from an 855 number. Of course each time it was silent. It’s getting annoying.

  3. Got the Norton-Life Lock email three times in the last week. All want me to call 855# to dispute auto-renewal charge of $299.00 . Certainly a scam . Emai address from gmail accounts.

    1. I had too many calls and deleted it. But how did NortonLock got to my bank account and charged me $120? I never answered or ordered anything from them. These “ROBO” calls are driving me crazy. They are a pain in the “__s”!!!

  4. Got a call from ( 855 ) 359 – 3621 , but Robo Killer screened it and they hung up and the app. said it was Religious !

        1. But I don’t even answer! Numbers with area codes 855, 905, 602, yiu name it are showing that they are from our Hawaiian islands.

  5. Received the same email that others have reported. The one I received was from “Norton” and that my account was extended 3 years, and I have been charged $400. The same phone number was in my email. I forwarded it to the FTC and reported it to Norton. Definitely a scam.

    1. Essie the Lowlife Detector

      Always click on the sender to see the real email. When I clicked on Norton LifeLock account, this is what showed as the sender:

      I informed Norton that there was a scammer using their company name in emails and I sent them the email above. Then I responded to the fake email, firstly telling the sender to eff himself and get a life, then telling him I was reporting his email to the FCC and with any luck he would wind up in prison!

    2. I am getting that too. They want me to pay $499 too.

      THANKS! I needed that support.
      May I ask what is FTC, please?

  6. I have received a few calls from a number that’s a So Easton number saying call back 855 etc they are putting paper work together for something I did. Which I don’t owe anyone other than household bills which are all up to date. They are threatening calls and I don’t appreciate this at all.

  7. I received a call from an 855 number today and was told by a guy with a thick Indian accent that Comcast owed me money. I said “I don’t believe you!” and hung up. Then I called Comcast to report the scam and gave them the number.

  8. Was on GOOGLE web site on to buy an eletronic device, when I pressed search my phone screen popped up with a message saying I needed to call this number 1-855-952-4363 because I was try to do something illegal!! Now my phone is locked and I can not do anything, including turning it off! Called the number from my landline and I get aperson whom I can’t understand but sounds strikingly like a Indian voice. Going to AT&T to get it unlocked! Thanks GOOGLE !!!!

  9. yesterday I had apple issues so i searched up apple support and I went to the first one so I called them and it was a person with a string Indian accent calming to he apple, so I thought nothing of it then they told me to buy a Google play and Ebay card and said put 200 in each so I did because I just wanted the phone fixed and some more money so therefore I lost 800$ for nothing. I dont think i can get the money back. Please make sure if you need to call a company go to the official website.

  10. Got a pop up while on Amazon, it claimed my account needed to be verified because it had been subject to fraudulent purchases. I was told to call one of thosed 855 Numbers. I called it just to see what it was and the guy with a strong Indian accent said in order to reactivate my account he wanted me to go to Walgreens and buy $200 worth of gift cards At that time I lit into him and told him where to put it

  11. Dear Customer,
    Your Microsoft Office 365 order will be expired today, and this is to notify that your service would be auto renewed for another 2 years Term computer protection plan.

    We Thank you for your continued trust on us and we would like to inform you that your subscribed plan is scheduled for renewal TODAY.

    We promise to maintain your computer security & sevices in ways, including.


    Plan 2 Years Term Protection Plan
    Order No: PTS98233876
    Amount: $299.90
    If you would wish to review or cancel your subscription with us you may call on our helpline no. 8556000406

    Note: If any of the above info is incorrect, please call on us or toll free number immediately and have your information updated.

    Thank You

    Microsoft support

    Phone: 8556000406

    claiming renewal systems do not have, working download apps to access computer, forms fill out, deposits wanted go our bank directly…pulled plugs, shut down…. smarter today

    1. I do not want any plans and/or service from you people so please delete my name from any of your records of I will notify the Government, Police and Attorney!

  12. Nereida Hernandez

    Hi, I looking today for telephone number attorney and , and this number 8552220631 send me a lot tel number

  13. They were calling about a home security system and I have told them several times that I am on the national do not call list. I am receiving these calls 5 to 8 times a day. I can’t get it stopped. Now when I answer they just hang up. When I call back, I get a recording saying if you do not wish phone calls from this company please press 1. I have done that 4 times already and I am still getting these phone calls. Please make them go away.

  14. I’m getting many calls every day from 855 prefix with random phone numbers, for around two months now. Even numerous times through the night. They don’t answer their phone and give no name for who they are!!

    I think are using a spoofing technique to make VOIP calls and it looks like a real company phone number.

  15. Unsolicited calls from a company using 855 prefixes trying to sell security services. I have spoken with 3 people from this company and asked repeatedly that they remove my phone number from their auto dialer but they continue to call. When I ask for their corporate name they hang up on me. I am on the do not call list and my next step will be to contact their State attorney general.

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