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Owner: Unknown

This phone number [951555-1212]has been reported as a spammer by our reviewers. Scammers are using this phone number as fake U.S. Pharmacy, Canadian Pharmacy, Online Pharmacy, Pharmacy Network, etc to steal credit card info or personal information.

  • Riverside, CA
  • Land Line
  • 92501
    Zip Code

  • 951
    Area Code

Our Expert’s Review For +1 (951) 555-1212

By Shahbaz Ahamd ( CodeMyCountry Reviewer)

After calling this phone number ((951) 555-1212), someone picked said it was sprint 411 and after few seconds dropped the call. We have collected all the information about this phone number and found that scammers are using this phone number to steal sensitive information such as credit card information & personal details. They are using different identities such as directory assistance, Pharmacy, etc.

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Spanish speaking lady called me and she didn’t know who she worked for lol! At first it was the Gas Co. And then she said, Edison, finally AT&T. She said they would disconnect my service if I didn’t make payment immediately. SCAM!!


Bahrain is+973

Shuja khokhar

Bahrain is+973


Want to trace this number but found that is is some Indian spammer. I want to block these junk callers


Today, received call from this number and after 15 seconds some one laughed and call drop.


Blocked it, but now receiving from another phone number.


I have received a call from 9515551212 number but have not picked it, after calling back found that someone is speaking in the Spanish language. I have received a call from the same format number last year and found it was from India trying to fool me.


I want to track this number