Czech Republic Country Code +420

How To Call Czech Republic


You Should Dial:

Czech Republic

Czech Republic country code is 599 and country two digit ISO code is AN. Country code 599 of Czech Republic is used to dial it from another country. To dial it correctly fallow these steps. Step 1: Enter exit code 00 (India) for United States and Canada enter 011 exit code. Step 2: Enter Country code of Czech Republic which is 420 . Step 3: Enter local number of Czech Republic and you are done. We have provided below all area codes of Czech Republic with dialing instructions.

HOW TO DIAL Czech Republic FROM United States

Dial: 011 420 -000-0000

  • +420
    Czech Republic Calling Code
  • CZ
    2 Digit ISO

  • Local Time Czech Republic
    02:48:41 pm Monday, June 24, 2024

Czech Republic has different area codes so if you need to call these area codes you should use country code 420 and next enter area code and finally enter phone number.

Dial Codes
Brno +420-54
Plzen +420-377
Praha (Prague) +420-3
Region Jihocesky +420-38
Region Jihomoravsky +420-51
Region Karlovarsky +420-35
Region Kralovehradecky +420-49
Region Liberecky +420-48
Region Moravskoslezsky +420-55
Region Olomoucky +420-58
Region Pardubicky +420-46
Region Plzensky +420-37
Region Stredocesky +420-31
Region Ustecky +420-41
Region Vysocina +420-56
Region Zlinsky +420-57