Countries That Start With N

Countries That Start With A-Z

This list will show you all information about the countries that start with letter “N”.

Namibia 264 NA / NAM
Nauru 674 NR / NRU
Nepal 977 NP / NPL
Netherlands 31 NL / NLD
Netherlands Antilles 599 AN / ANT
New Caledonia 687 NC / NCL
New Zealand 64 NZ / NZL
Nicaragua 505 NI / NIC
Niger 227 NE / NER
Nigeria 234 NG / NGA
Niue 683 NU / NIU
North Korea 850 KP / PRK
Northern Mariana Islands 1-670 MP / MNP
Norway 47 NO / NOR

If you want to find information about country Norway (this country name starts with letter N) then click on the link and you will find its country code +47, iso code 2 which is NO, Exit code with is 00, current date and time of country (that begin with letter N) example Norway. You can also search for the country if you are not able to locate that country, for example if you need to search country Norway then type in search Norway or country code +47 and you are done.